<strong>Week 80: 555 days of travel come to an end!</strong>

NY gala
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NY gala

Week 80: 555 days of travel come to an end!

It was a fantastic reunion with plenty of tears of happiness and big stories to tell, plus of course copious amounts of good home cooked food and drinks with everyone we caught up with. NYE was absolutely amazing and our resolutions certainly have more travel in them for the future, but for now we wrap up this journey of a lifetime and find our way back to day-to-day routine.

School, work, housekeeping, chores… as tedious as they may seem, we have to be honest that that routine has something incredibly soothing as well. But mostly of course seeing our friends and family again has been a very joyous occasion and makes you realize you do ‘shut off’ a bit while traveling to not miss them too much and sabotage the travel experience you are having. Time has come for us to define our way forward, see what we want to do in our life the upcoming 5 years and save up for our next adventures abroad.

We start with a bit of DYI-ing in our house, helping the boys land back into school (not easy after all the freedom they have enjoyed!) and of course start applying for jobs to make sure the mortgage payments come in on time! If you are in the US and interested in traveling there, our RV is for sale down in Florida, feel free to share its link. We did a final revamp on it, it is ready to go!

Maybe part of our future will be doing something in the travel planning corner, or extending this website with more tips and advice on destinations and ways of travel. Time will tell, but for now we thank everybody who has been checking in on us throughout our travels, and invite anyone to reach out with any questions or feedback!

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