Africa – Animal Kingdom

The continent of 1001 nights, a massive desert splitting it in two and an incredibly diverse scenery with one amazing draw: Wildlife watching. When traveling in Africa, you can not help but be humbled by its’ simple yet satisfying lifestyle.

The animals

Oh the animals…. A big reason for travel for us is being outdoors and enjoying nature. Coming from a country with only little (and mostly cute and/or feathered) wildlife, being out in a place where you can run into the BIG FIVE is truly breathtaking. While many may only think of the elephants, lions and rhino’s to tick on your list, Africa has much more to offer. How about gorilla trekking in Rwanda? Chimpanzee trekking at the edge of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania and a camel ride through the Moroccan desert? Not to mention the maki mayhem of Madagascar or the seals, penguins and marine life around its coast! You will never run out of animal encounters in Africa…

The people

Tribal life is the key part of African life, with many different tribes still living today as they did centuries ago. While some of these encounters might feel touristy at times, there are many ways in which you can interact with the local population of the country you visit. To learn more about the traditions, the food, the lifestyle, and to help retain it you have a role to play as a visitor. Traveling with children in Africa is a great bonus, as they are welcomed with open arms and their curiosity is met with laughter and caring interaction.

The scenery

The diversity of Africa is incredible, but even more so, it can change in a matter of kilometers. From dry deserts to lush waterfalls, Africa has it all. While northern Africa is relatively dry and dusty all around, the heart of Africa sports lusciously green forests and big lakes and waterfalls. Don’t forget about the coastline and the islands around! Your tropical getaway can be booked in the same continent as your big five safari and desert adventures!

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